DMX Airflow
LVT 2.0 – Vinyl Plank Underlayment
The best choice for Vinyl Plank Flooring


**New and Better Underlayment for Vinyl, laminate and engineered hardwood floors**
**Patent Pending**

Why DMX Airflow LVT 2.0?

  • Can be used under Vinyl Plank Flooring (5mm or higher)
  • VOC Free – No dangerous off gas into the living space
  • 4 in 1 Protection – Mold, sound, thermal and vapor barrier ALL IN ONE
  • Foam on dimple side makes the floors warmer and cozier under your feet
  • Membrane is waterproof – water will not reach your finished floors
  • Installs with a simple utility knife, no carpentry tools required
  • Does NOT require a complicated Calcium Chloride Test of concrete slab like foam underlayments
  • Fast and Easy to Install
  • No cumbersome OSB or Plywood required – Saves You Money
  • Joining Tape makes the joints moisture proof
Dimensions Imperial Metric
Roll Length 29 feet 8.8 metres
Roll Width 42 inches 1.07 metres
Dimple Height 5/32″ 4 mm
Roll Weight 17 lbs 7.5 kg
Sq. Ft. / Roll 100 sq.ft. 9.38 sq.m.

DMX Airflow™ videos

DMX Airflowtm – Introductory video

Just the facts

Step 1 – Sweep the concrete floor
Step 2 – Fill in any cracks in the concrete floor
Roll out
Step 3 – Fill in any unevenness in the floor with a floor patch compound (very easy to do)
Step 4 – Roll out DMX Airflow LVT™ (dimples facing down touching the concrete floor)
You are Finished!!
Step 5 – Tape the seams with DMX Vapor Tape
Step 6 – Lay your LVT directly on DMX Airflow LVT™ (No Foam Pad required)

A minimum thickness of 5mm is recommended.