DMX Airflow
LVT Vinyl Plank Underlayment
The best choice for Vinyl Plank Flooring


Unlike existing foam underlayments for LVT, DMX Airflow LVT™ creates an air gap under your vinyl planks allowing for moist air to evaporate, thereby reducing mold growth under your floors. NO other dimpled underlayment can do this.

Here are the superb characteristics of DMX Airflow LVT™:

  • For Use Under Vinyl Plank Flooring (Minimum Thickness 5mm)
  • Moist air is constantly coming in through little cracks in the concrete floors and walls
  • Dimples create an air gap between your LVT floors and the concrete slab.
  • This air gap allows moist air to evaporate thereby reducing the possibility of unhealthy mold growth
  • The dimples are encapsulated in a closed cell foam which is waterproof and keeps your floors warm and comfortable
  • DMX Airflow LVT™ has a compressive strength of 8,000 lbs/square foot
  • The low profile dimples provide structural support for LVT joints and resist vertical movement on  a level floor
  • DMX Airflow LVT™ does not require a Moisture Test in the concrete like other foam underlayments 
Dimensions Imperial Metric
Roll Length 29 feet 8.8 metres
Roll Width 42 inches 1.07 metres
Dimple Height 5/32″ 4 mm
Roll Weight 15 lbs 6.5 kg
Sq. Ft. / Roll 100 sq.ft. 9.38 sq.m.

DMX Airflow™ videos

DMX Airflowtm – Introductory video

Just the facts

Step 1 – Sweep the concrete floor
Step 2 – Fill in any cracks in the concrete floor
Roll out
Step 3 – Fill in any unevenness in the floor with a floor patch compound (very easy to do)
Step 4 – Roll out DMX Airflow LVT™ (dimples facing down touching the concrete floor)
You are Finished!!
Step 5 – Tape the seams with DMX Vapor Tape
Step 6 – Lay your LVT directly on DMX Airflow LVT™ (No Foam Pad required)

A minimum thickness of 5mm is recommended.