Rich B.

“Wanting to upgrade from what I had, I researched and found DMX Airflow.  It was the right price, promised to do everything I needed and seemed to be a simple project.  The only problem was that I live in New Jersey and DMX Airflow is shipped from Canada.  I called and Joanna answered all of my pesky questions and made sure my order reached me in a timely manner.

Putting down airflow was just as easy as they described in the video and written instructions.  The carpet installers easily put the carpet over top of most of the basement and installed vinyl planks in the other section.  It feels great and we are very happy with the way it looks.  

At the same time all this was going on, my HVAC system failed and we got a new furnace and AC.  The HVAC guys installed a faulty GFI plug for my condensate pump which overflowed and soaked an area of the new two day old carpet.  I have to say the DMX behaved exactly the way it was advertised.  I pulled back that section of the carpet, got a fan under it and was able to pull the carpet and DMX Airflow back into place.  I am very happy with my decision to use this product.”